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Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 in the US & Canada*

Ultra Bee Blinker & Tail Light Kit

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 OEM parts and hardware to add factory blinkers and tail light to your Ultra Bee. 

This genuine Surron kit includes:
- all hardware needed to complete install
- complete wire harness
- front and rear turn signals
- rear tail light
- tail light installation bracket and cover
- tail light harness
- left multifunctional control with blinker control
- part list and diagram for installation

Customer Reviews

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B Lund
Watch the video !

The kit came quickly and was very complete. However, the parts list page was very small and a bit hard to see. What helped the most was watching a Utube video that some guy made for the installation. Travis from Charged Cycle Works did a great job showing the step by step installation of this kit. Routing of the new wires for the front turn signals was the hardest part but getting that figured out only by trial and error was the only hiccup in the installation for me. With an extra set of hands the installation was done in 2 hours.

Exploring on 2 Wheels
Allowed me to register the ultra bee for road use

Exactly what's needed to make it street legal, at least where I live. The only other things you may need are DOT tires and a mirror. Installation is as simple as possible considering you're replacing the whole wiring harness. Great tutorial available on YouTube.

Where I live, registering it for road use made it eligible for $2000 government EV rebate!

peter colpitts
fit very well.

this kit worked out 100%, no instructions, but we worked it out.
2.5 hours to install.


Once installed bikes 💯 % street/off road    legit and legal, at least in the States , this is really how the Ultra 🐝 should have been sold there in North America and Canada 🇨🇦. Now it’s a true  electrified motor bike.