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Off-Road Ontario Welcomes Electric Bikes in 2023 - Surron Canada

Off-Road Ontario Welcomes Electric Bikes in 2023

Off-Road Ontario Welcomes Electric Bikes in 2023

Did you know that Off-Road Ontario now has dedicated classes for electric dirt bikes? Starting in 2023, Off-Road Ontario welcomes electric off-road models like the Surron Light Bee X, Ultra Bee and Storm Bee, marking a significant step forward for electric motorcycles in off-road competition.

The rising popularity of the Surron Light Bee X has brought thousands of new riders into the world of off-road, a refreshing fact that should be welcomed by the off-road community. Owners of electric dirt bikes can now expand their horizons and showcase their prowess in a challenging new way on rough terrains with other dirt bike enthusiasts.

Electric bikes offer a range of unique benefits for trail riding organizations and facilities, including reduced noise pollution, zero emissions and new riders. They also offer a solution for riding areas being closed due to noise and emissions regulations. Surron models offer these benefits as well as impressive performance and technological features not seen on conventional gas-powered bikes.

Off-Road Ontario has two electric classes whether you’re an Expert or Amateur rider. Bikes require a minimum 19” front wheel, must not have pedals, and will compete in a 1-hour race. Riders under 15 can enter electric machines in the Mini or PeeWee classes.

By embracing electric bikes, Off-Road Ontario is setting an inspiring example, promoting innovation and looking toward the future," says Graeme Jones, director of marketing for Surron Canada. "As sales of electric machines climb rapidly, so will the opportunity to welcome new riders into the off-road community. This includes casual trail riding, enduros, hare scrambles... it's a really good thing for the sport."

Off-Road Ontario is a not-for-profit cooperative of local clubs and race organizers throughout the province, working together to bring you top calibre off-road racing. Their objective is to offer a Provincial series of family-friendly off-road motorcycle racing events. Their class structure is designed to facilitate learning and enjoying the sport at any age, gender or level of experience. The competition is designed to create just the right challenge for anyone from trail rider to Pro racer.

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