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Enjoy free shipping on orders over $100 in the US & Canada*
5 Battery Tips for Winter Weather! - Surron Canada

5 Battery Tips for Winter Weather!


Winter weather is no match for the all-season Light Bee rider. However, cold temps can present some unique challenges for ebike and electric motorcycle batteries. To avoid winter woes and ensure your Light Bee X is ready for you in the spring, check out these 5 battery tips!

1. The Light Bee X can be ridden in snow and rain; its battery pack has an IP67 enclosure rating, protecting it from dust, particles and, to a certain degree, water. However, use your discretion to minimize the risk of water penetrating the case. For example, avoid letting snow build up around the battery pack on winter rides. Water entering the case can cause permanent damage.

2. When the temperature is below 0℃ (32°F), both efficiency and usable capacity of the battery are reduced to 80% of rated capacity. This will affect the performance and the range of the Light Bee X. Riding in Sport mode is not recommended, especially for long periods. Be mindful of your battery life to ensure a safe trip home.

3. If you anticipate the bike will not be used for longer than than a month, turn off the main circuit switch or remove the power plug. This will ensure there is no power draw on the battery.

4. It is recommended to charge your battery when it gets below 20%. For longer storage periods, it is recommended to store the battery with a charge level of between 50-80%. Check the battery level periodically to ensure you are within this range.

5. Do not store or charge the battery below 0℃ (32°F). Doing so can damage the battery cells.

By following these simple battery care tips, you can maximize the longevity and performance of your battery while minimizing the risk of damage. Your bike is counting on you when spring arrives!

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